How many of your clients are currently experiencing any of the following life changing scenarios? Do they need your help and assistance?

Lifestyle events that may trigger your client's need for a Will...


  • They have recently married or entered into a civil partnership

Even if married or in a civil partnership it is not guaranteed that their spouse will inherit any property or assets if there is no Will in place. It will be for the courts to decide, which could be costly and timely. If it is a second marriage then there may be more complexity with children, multiples properties and separate assets.


  • They have recently become parents

Do they know that without a valid Will in place if something were to happen to them it's not guaranteed who will become the carer for their child, this would have to go through the courts, and social services may have to become involved.


  • They have moved house

Have they moved to a bigger property? Have they considered what will happen to the property in the future, it’s a huge investment that could get taken away from the family if not properly allocated for in a Will.


  • They have gone through a divorce

If they have a Will then it may need to be updated to cater for the fact they are no longer with their spouse. If they don’t have a Will they may wish to secure their children inheriting their remaining assets.


  • They have had a change of assets over recent years

If they have a Will it may need to be updated to include all relevant assets, any new properties or change in beneficiaries. If they have no Will and have increased their assets or properties they may need to consider what will happen to them, there is no guarantee they will go to a family member unless it’s written into a Will.


  • They have retired

8 out of 10 retirees have a Will. At this stage in their life they often feel the need to make arrangements for their estate, expressing clear intentions within their Will.


  • They are recently widowed

Perhaps surprisingly but those who are recently widowed are likely to wish to put a Will in place. Either because they have gone through a process where there was no Will and experienced how traumatic it can be, or their assets and property status has changed and they need to ensure all is catered for in the future with their family.

Your opportunity to help your clients:

34% of people who have not written a Will would use someone recommended to them by family and friends – how many referrals could you get through your clients?

Also 26% state they would prefer to use someone they have used before for another service – trust and a solid reputation are important factors. Given the relationships you may already have with your clients, this could be a point that is easily overcome.

Whether you wish to simply pass on a referral or provide a will writing service direct to your clients, BTWC can support you with your client needs - and the client remains yours. Have a look at our membership options.

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