Grow your income and increase your client opportunities

At BTWC we understand the importance of your clients to your business and that you need to be sure you are providing products and service that work to regulatory standards and deliver the right solution in a timely and efficient manner.

You may be a Financial Adviser, Mortgage Adviser or Accountant looking to compliment your services with an additional product offering. Or perhaps you are an established Estate Planning Consultant looking for a new legal services provider to become your back office support in producing your documentation to enable you to focus on taking care of your clients.

BTWC are an award winning Estate Planning business focused on supporting you and your clients. We partner with and join bodies such as the Institute of Paralegals in order to provide our Associate members with a strong support network.

Business growth opportunities

As soon as you join with us we work with you to ensure you have all the support and training you may require as well as the resources to enable you to quickly provide a new estate planning service.

The client remains yours at every stage but we will help ensure a smooth process all the way through, providing support and advice for all types of cases and scenarios.

Estate Planning and Will Writing can create immediate opportunities within your existing client base, give you a reason to re-establish contact with clients and create wide cross-sell opportunities.

Once you join with us we will help you identify the opportunities and how to create new ones to support valuable growth and income streams.

Products that will be available for your portfolio include:

  • Simple & Complex Wills
  • Specialist Will Trusts such as protective Trusts for property
  • Flexible life interest trusts
  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Estate Administration & Probate Services
  • Advice for Business Owners
  • Co-habitee planning
  • Annual Document Safe Custody

What you will get as a BTWC Associate:

  • Full product training available
  • Complete back office support & document production
  • Direct access to a dedicatedmember of the BTWC team
  • Ongoing legal, technical & mentor support
  • Product guides and resources
  • Educational tools
  • Continued Professional Development via workships, courses and member events
  • Marketing material
  • Full access to the BTWC Member Zone
  • PI Insurance up to £2m per document
  • Unlimited earnings
  • Work with a trusted and long established brand
You just need to ask the questions and complete the instruction form – we will do the rest!

Become a BTWC Associate - call 01522 500823 to discuss further or email

Sign up online to become a BTWC Member today!

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