How does BTWC's service work?
The process is straightforward. Simply complete the BTWC testamentary instruction form and send this across to us by email, post or fax. We will review your instructions and prepare the clients documentation in accordance. Within 7 to 10 days the final documentation will be sent out for you to present back to your client. An express service is available for a small additional fee where documents can be turned around in 3 days. Keep in mind that there is a 7 day cooling off period for client who is seen off site.
I'm new to Estate Planning - do you provide training?
Yes, full training is provided in Lincoln at a cost of £185.00 + VAT. This includes comprehensive course materials with a Society of Will Writers accredited and experienced Estate Planning professional. Seasoned professionals equally find the course a great knowledge update on industry and legislative changes. Bespoke on site training can be provided if required - contact us and we can discuss your requirements.
How do I charge for my services?
We are your service provider and offer transparent fixed fees for the services you take from us. You chose how much to charge your clients and recommended retail prices can be provided as a guide.
How much does it cost to register with BTWC Ltd?
Our registration fee is just £199.00 +VAT after which you receive a full business pack to get your estate planning business started. You will also gain exclusive access to our online member zone full of useful resources, guides and reference material to get you on your way. You will also be covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.
Are there on going licencing or franchising fees to pay?
No, there are no on going fees - you simply pay for our document preparation services as and when you use them.
Do I need my own Professional Indemnity Insurance?
No, this is not essential as the BTWC registration process enables you to be covered for your will writing business for all wills written by BTWC Ltd. Any services not provided by BTWC will require separate PII to cover those additional services.
Will my wills be checked to confirm legal validity?
Our legally trained team ensure that each will is correctly drafted and produced. If we identify alternative or additional estate planning solutions that your client may not have considered we will notify you for consideration. You also have a duty of care to ensure the finished will document reflects the instructions that the client originally intended.
What if I need further technical support?
We have a fully trained legal team available to provide on going telephone and email support to you before and after you have taken instructions for a client. This is unlimited and we want to give your our full support in ensuring the correct solution is identified and delivered to meet the clients needs.
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