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Our sister site, is pleased to be able to bring you news of our very latest collaboration with our new partner, Cirrus Legacy, who provide a cutting edge and highly regarded online service for your digital legacy.

What exactly is a digital legacy?

Digital assets can include a wide range of things such as music, films, social media accounts, investments and even virtual currencies for those of your brave enough to ride the bitcoin wave.

But most of us do not make plans for our digital inheritance when we die so our loved ones are left trying to make sense of it all and to understand how to establish if you have digital assets such as a paypal account, online banking, facebook profile, web hosting and shopping accounts to name but a few.

Cirrus Legacy

That’s where a Cirrus Legacy account is here to help. It’s a secure place to keep track of all your online accounts and store important documents. And you can choose what happens to them all when you die, protecting your personal privacy and making things easy for those that you leave behind. are able to bring you a 40% saving on the Cirrus Legacy listed price for their product which allows unlimited account storage, unlimited guardians and ample storage to save critical documents.

Just head to Cirrus Legacy today and use the exclusive voucher code MMAW024 to secure your 40% discount. And, secure your digital legacy.

Cirrus Legacy


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