BTWC Join Forces with RAFA – 2016 Annual Conference

Written By BTWC Ltd

We were privileged to be invited to attend the Royal Air Forces Association’s 2016 annual conference last weekend in Blackpool. The annual conference is an important event for the association as it allows members from across the world to come together, discuss, debate and resolve issues facing the RAF family



With a membership of over 62,000 and 400 branches across the world, the association has seen its membership recently increase with 46% of the regular RAF now active members. With an increasing demand for welfare provision, the association’s network of Welfare Officers completed over 102,000 contacts, calls and visits during 2015. Whilst proactive supporters of RAFA contribute to it’s finances tremendously, 22% of the associations income during 2015 was from Legacies.

Working in partnership with RAFA, BTWC has been selected to provide a discounted will writing service for members delivering a both a valuable member benefit and a vital gateway to support the future work of RAFA.

Attending the conference was a fantastic way to highlight the Will Writing offering to the membership which includes;

  • Up to 50% discount on simple wills
  • Telephone or face to face consultations available via our professional partner advisers across the UK
  • Comprehensive, competitive and personalised estate planning solutions available


If you are a RAFA member and would like to benefit from this exclusive arrangement, please contact us today and we will put you in touch with a member of our friendly team. 01522 500823

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