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When Does a Will Really Matter?

We all have clients who lead very busy lives – all juggling their time and resources to meet the immediate needs of their lifestyles. Often, it can be hard to support the client in identifying that now is the time to stop, take stock and review their current situation.

But how do we help our clients to re-prioritise and plan a little further ahead & when does a Will really matter?

Well, contrary to popular belief, a Will really matters now. Not when we have children. Not when we retire. Not when we go into care. Having a Will matters right now.

Do you have clients in their 30’s & 40’s with a young family?
Have they thought about who will become guardians for their children should the worst happens? If they don’t appoint guardians in their will, the courts will decide on their behalf.

Are your clients business owners?
Discuss with the client what will happen to the business should they no longer be able to operate it either temporarily due to incapacity or permanently. Have they considered business Lasting Powers of Attorney or Business Trusts within their will to ensure the legacy they have worked so hard to build lives on?

Have your clients separated but not divorced?
They may be living with a new partner and had children from a previous relationship. Are they clear about what the ex-spouse may be entitled to inherit and that their current partner may be entitled to nothing?

Is the family home your clients biggest asset?
If not managed correctly, the home can be the largest asset and the largest headache. If plans are not put in place, your clients may have nothing left to leave to future generations
The good news is, you can support your clients to review the situation and guide them to solutions that reflect their current wishes and support their future aspirations.

From simple Wills to complex Trusts. From Lasting Powers of Attorney to Funeral Plans. It’s all at your fingertips working in partnership with Beneficial Trust & Will Co Ltd.

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