Increase your Prospects with Estate Planning & Will Writing

Written By BTWC Ltd

The facts and figures around Estate Planning and Will Writing are well documented but lets remind ourselves that;

- 73% of the UK population do not have a Will
- By 2018 it is estimated that over £6 billion will be generated from IHT
- The average 'cost of dying' i.e. funerals, estate administration etc is £8,126

Are you advising your clients on planning ahead? If not, you can be sure someone else will and that valuable customer relationship, not to mention additional business revenue could be lost.

We can show you how to maximise and increase your existing client base - the first easy step is the realisation that the nomination of executors, guardians and witnesses within a clients Will means you have an additional contact pool to approach immediately. No cold calling, no costly lead generation - just ask them a simple question - do you have a Will?

If the answer is "Yes, I have a Will" then no problem.......but when was it last reviewed? Do they have a Lasting Power of Attorney? Could they be interested in a Guaranteed Funeral Plan?

With Beneficial Trust & Will Co Ltd, you can offer a full and comprehensive Estate Planning service to your clients. Complete our straightforward registration process and then rest assured that there are no hidden or ongoing fees to pay - we simply charge a competitive rate for our service as and when you require them. You can find out more by clicking here.

Full training is provided to get you started with on going support whenever you need it. Call us for a chat on 01522 500823 or email and we'll talk you through the opportunity.
Kind Regards

The BTWC Team

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