An Estate Planning Business – your next career move?

Written By BTWC Ltd

If you’re looking to diversify into a new business area, or wish to establish a new business for yourself that you run and make all the decisions on then becoming an Estate Planner could be appealing for a number of reasons.

Estate Planning is a credible and reputable way to establish a new business for those who wish to create their own business profile, work hours that suit you and provide established products and services that can truly help and support you clients’ needs.

With Estate Planning you don’t need to undertake lengthy exams to be able to offer the products and services. But with BTWC we do highly recommend going through the training in order to best understand the products and also how to support your clients in the most appropriate way – we do work to regulatory standards to ensure professionalism throughout and happy clients.

As an Estate Planner you will be working with products and services such as Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorneys, Property Trusts, Lifetime Trusts, Probate and Funeral Plans just to name a few. The wide range of products means there are multiple ways of meeting client needs suitable to their Estate and Assets as well as their family status. Plus as circumstances change then there is the opportunity to review based on the new situation.

BTWC offer a fully supported Estate Planner business model for you to utilise. We don’t leave you with no support in establishing yourself as an Estate Planner. We provide you with the options to utilise our proven business model, provide training and access to a variety of sales, educational and marketing tools and resources.

Products available to offer as part of your business include:

  • Simple & Complex Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Specialist Will Trusts such as protective Trusts for your property
  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Estate Administration & Probate Services
  • Guaranteed Funeral Planning
  • Advice for Business Owners
  • Co-habitee planning
  • Annual Document Safe Custody


By becoming a member of BTWC you will get:

  • Full training
  • Qualified referrals (to support your own)
  • Direct access to a member of the BTWC team
  • Ongoing full support
  • Product guides and resources
  • Educational tools
  • Marketing material
  • Exclusive territories are available subject to agreed minimum based targets being met


To take control of your own business, grow your client portfolio and benefit from the support of an established business model then just call us on 01522 500 823 or email

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