During 2015, here at BWTC Ltd we launched our own Funeral Plan products to enable our member associates to offer comprehensive Estate Planning solutions to clients.

We are extremely pleased to report that for those who have taken up this additional product, their fee earnings have increased and customer satisfaction has been high with the product personalisation and affordability aspects being well regarded.

It has been extensively reported that the cost of a basic funeral has risen for the 12th year in a row, rising more than 90% since 2004 and with this in mind, we must inform you that an uplift in our funeral plan prices will be effective from 1st January 2016.

Topaz Pearl Sapphire Ruby
New BTWC Price 1st Jan 2016 £2,200 £3,280 £3,520 £3,825
BTWC 2015 Price £2,080 £3,070 £3,320 £3,720
Golden Charter n/a £3,685 £4,065 £4,399
Dignity n/a £3,335 £3,665 £4,015
Avalon n/a £3,595 £3,945 £4,195
Age UK n/a £3,305 £3,615 £3,980


You can see from the above table that we remain one of the most competitive funeral plans on the market and we continue to work hard to ensure you are able to offer your clients the best product with value for money.

Commission fees will remain at current levels for each of the above plans payable after 28 days based on a minimum £250 deposit with no clawback.

If you have clients currently considering taking out a funeral plan, they may wish to consider acting sooner rather than later to take advantage of current pricing and save money.

A comprehensive Funeral Plan Associate Guide is available upon request if you require further information about the range of BTWC Funeral Plans.

Kind Regards